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Ashtown depicts a fictitious small industrial town somewhere in the East Midlands as it would have been from the late 1950s through tto he 1970s.

A secondary main line railway serves the town and, whilst de-industrialisation is slowly taking place, a small tar distillery close to the station is still active and rail  served. Passenger traffic which may appear on the line ranges from non-stop expresses to local stopping trains, some of which terminate in the bay platform. Freight traffic consists of full and empty mineral trains, parcels trains (some of which pick up or drop off wagons in the parcels bay), milk trains, pick-up goods (some of which pick-up/drop-off tankers, open wagons and vans in the tar works) and engineering trains.

The builders of the layout have very different interests, so ex-GWR locos and stock may be seen running alongside ex-Southern!

The aim at exhibitions is to start running in the late 1950s with mostly steam locos which gradually give way to green diesels as the sequence progresses through the 1960s until finally, in the 1970s, blue diesels take over.

If you are an exhibition manager and are interested in having Ashtown at your exhibition, please click  here to download a PDF file which contains the relevant details.

To see the layout in action please click here for the YouTube movie.