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Burch Green

This layout was begun as a tribute to our friend the late Revd Chris Burch, who built a series of small layouts for children to shunt trains under supervision.  The main difference between this and Chris’s layouts is that this is OO gauge where Chris modelled in N.  

The layout is a simple shunting puzzle with a fiddle yard at the right hand end and a series of sidings at the left.  Above the right hand end are houses and allotments, while the left hand end is industrial.  Look for Burch & Green’s brewery, and see if you can find the Marmite van - Chris enjoyed his Marmite! Also look out for TV and film characters around the layout - can you find John Steed and Emma Peel, Hercule Poirot and Fred Dibnah?  And, are you a muggle?

Members of the visiting public will be invited to bring in a train and shunt the wagons into the correct siding, or exchange them with wagons already there.


Size 8 feet by 15 ins, operated from the front with DCC control and Kadee couplers.  Needs one power point.  Does NOT have its own lighting.