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Cumanavago was concieved by club member Jim Ross and exhibited by him successfully until he was sadly struck by Motor Neuron Disease. He became unable to attend exhibitions in 2020 and as the layout was so popular the decision was taken to purchase it from  him for the club.

Cumanavago is DCC controlled and is split into two halves, one for children to operate using a Hornby Select controller and the other is a shunting puzzle for their parents to have a go at using an NCE Powercab controller.

The children get a certificate for controlling Thomas and Percy and their parents get the satisfaction of successfully solving the shunting puzzle! (Which doesn’t happen very often!)

Cumanavago measures 8’ x 2’ requires a table and chair and is usually supervised by 2 or 3 club members. It travels in the back of an estate car and overnight accommodation would be needed if over 50 miles from Bingham in Nottinghamshire.