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Newton Folly

Led by

Greg Deacon

First of all, the name Newton Folly is temporary until someone can suggest a better one. The layout was initially loosely based on Grantham but that was roundly rejected by the ‘powers that be” .From then onwards it just grew until David Page suggested it looked a bit like Rugeley Trent Valley - It can’t be called that because it is only vaguely like it - so any ideas?

This is a club layout so will be available to anybody wanting to run trains on it, It is a 4mm tail chaser, about 4.5M long by 2.4M wide. The design has been a very cooperative venture so far with David Page and Les Richardson as prime design consultants but also with help from Tony, Jeff, John, Jim and John Cotton with lots of support from chairman Pete.

Dave Dacre has also been very helpful and even agreed to delay his own layout proposal for a short while until this one got going. And then on Thursday 8th November seems like the whole membership descended in the backroom to offer advice from which emerged 100s of suggestions, often conflicting, but from which emerged a few gems. Nothing was ignored but decisions have to be made to include those most appropriate. This was black Thursday for the team though as it lost them 90 minutes of production time, a major sin, when they were champing at the bit to get going.

So it has been a corporate effort so far.

The core Team of Jerry, Tony and George and Ian when he is available has been cracking on at an inspirational pace at building baseboards and laying track. So far, at the time of writing, the complete 8 board structure has been built and about half of the track has been laid. The guys even successfully met our target of running locos round at least a small section of the track by Christmas The big problem now is keeping these guys going with work as they go at it at such a prodigious rate. So I am deeply immersed in planning points, wiring, control panels so that they don’t get a chance to slack off !!!!!!!!!!!

Team = Greg Deacon (T/L) , George Hartwell, Jerry Ward, Tony Brett, Ian Dodds, Graham Dean.

First Train Running a full circuit - January 2019