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In 1987, I decided to restore marital harmony by switching my modeling efforts from a 28ft X 10ft OO “Pity Me” layout in the loft to a small N layout in the garage. I am sure there are other modeller’s wives who fail to adapt to footsteps above while trying to sleep. I decided that, unlike previous OO layouts, I would model a real place and where better than Haltwhistle on the South Tyne where I spent my Childhood?

The Layout is only 8ft X 5ft, and in the limited space I have fitted the entire station with staggered platforms and the branch to Alston as well as the South Tyne complete with Road Bridge & Viaduct. There is off-site storage for up to 16 trains.

Some compression and use of my Modellers License was needed.

There is also a scale model of ‘wor hoose’, the New Inn and the abode of my Scout Master Ivan Renwick.

The layout was not designed for exhibition, it is for me to stand in the middle admiring my efforts as the trains go by. Viewers outside the layout have to “peer in”.

Since I am old and resistant to change, electrics were last at the cutting edge in the 1970s and most of the 27 points are driven by Hammant & Morgan point motors from the same era.

See Graham’s video about the history of Haltwhistle HERE